The smell of Buddha was brought along the wind when I go down the train. The weather is hot, the sun blinds my eyes. Dust sweeps my face, and when I step out the train station, two monks with yellow long robe walk into my direction.

Monks are everywhere in the city. I can see them all day long, since early in the morning until late night. The god’s praying is swelling through the pillars of temples around the old city. I think I fall in love with Ayutthaya in the first sight.

The best time for me enjoying Ayutthaya is in the morning. I wake up early, and come out from the hostel at 6.30 am. After crossing the river with a boat, I start walking through the market to the old city. It is amazing to see how this city’s inhabitants was already starting their activity early. The market is full of the shopper, and the monks are walking out of the temples to the streets and market. They start to collect alms from the people, mostly foods.

I see a van’s driver waving his hands while meet a monk. The monk stop his step. The driver runs out from the van, closing the monk, giving him the food, and then humps his body. He is ready to the monk’s blessing. Meanwhile, there is a woman sitting on the front of her house. A basket of food was on her lap. She is waiting the monk passed by. She wants the monk’s blessing.

‘Who is a monk?’ I ask myself. He iss a same creature like ordinary human. But what make him so special until people so appreciate him? The question disturbs me all day long.

When someone is ordained in a monastic, he or she will be called a monk.  The monk’s life is governed by a set of rules called patimokkha within the vinaya’s framework of monastic discipline. Their life style is shaped to support their spiritual practice, to live a simple and meditative life, and attain nirvana. That’s why many people think a monk is a holy creature, someone who is going on Buddha’s way.

Passing the market, nodding to the monks I met, I am walking through the ruins of the temples, Wat Mahathat and Wat Phra Ram. In mindful awareness, I see Buddha every where. It is the city of Buddha, the place where Buddha always comes home.

long road to the ruins

wat mahachat

buddha’s statue


going to the market

going to the temple