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There is a tree that makes you cry when see it, that make your hand shaking when touch it. It was an ordinary tree before Polpot’s soldiers used it to smash and beat children whose their parents been accused of crimes by Khmer rouge. They had to kill the children so did not take revenge to the Polpot’s regime.

They called it chankiri tree, a killing tree. Many prayers have been sent to the children’s soul, many yarn bracelets was hanged on the tree, even fallen around the ground’s tree. In silent, I heard the children were singing. Their souls were going to the light of eternity. Yes, we can regret the past, we cry for the brutally event, but the most important is not to do the same fault again. All we need is forgiven to open a new door, a new hope for the better world, through the human’s awareness.

Here are the pictures of killing tree in Choeung Ek, 17 kilometers out of Phnom Penh.

the bones

the massacre area

the prayer bracelets

the killing tree


yellow is mine

long path to death

the story