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Finally I found a family, a new one, in Pang Term village, 2 hours out of Chiang Mai. The family members came from many countries. Suri and Clau are south American, two girls from US, Andrei is Russian, Luic and Pau are France, and me, Indonesian. Pinan Jim, our host, said, ‘We are here, meet and come together, were moved by the same energy.’

The same energy that made us built bamboo’s huts together. Andrei and Luic brought bamboos from the forest, Pau and Americans girls helped cut them. Clau and Suriyaki shaped the door, and I made two windows from the grasses and banana leaves.

The huts were prepared for the traveler like us, when they were coming and enjoying the village with traditional Thai’s custom.

Every day, our activities were starting early morning. We helped Pinan Jim’s wife, Pinan Tea, prepare breakfast. After eat, usually some friends went to the garden, planted some seeds. The others took and cut bamboo from the forest. After working for 3-4 hours, we took a rest and had lunch together in Lana’s menu.  Pinan Tea is a good cooker. I learnt from her how to cook traditional Thai dishes. Kha or khalenka was a secret recipe on her food.

I started to plait my windows soon after lunch. Andrei and Luic laughed after me. “What kind of windows are you making? You spend many times on them!” That’s the words Luic always made fun of me. I only smiled. The truth is I always enjoy plaiting the grasses or make knots from banana leaves. It’s like a meditation. My mind is always on it, never flying on the past or dream about tomorrow. I do meditation with my windows.

Before, I always had fallen asleep in Mindfulfarm meditation class. When Pinan Hoeng –my former host-  guided a meditation like his experience as a monk before. He said  wisdom words, turned of the light, ordered us to feel our breath, so my sleepy came early, and I closed my eyes, was sleeping while sitting. How ashamed I was that day!

I lived in ‘Happy Healing Home’, the place Pinan Jim and Tea have built, just three days. Before, I spent three nights in mindfulfarm with Pinan Hoeng and Norika as my host. Even in short time, I learnt something from there, something that changed my life and my thought. We are people, should live to help each other, to be useful for society. The longer and truly happiness come out from there, not from the money or luxury. Like Buddha’s said, “in suffering, we can find freedom’.

pema, nou’s daighter

noriko’s mindfulfarm with her daughter

american’s girls

duet ‘pinan jim n andrei’

clau and wanda on bamboo’s forest

making my window

mud hut in mindfulfarm