Bangkok? I hate big city. I can’t stand live in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, even my homeland, Surabaya. Phnom Penh is an exception. The city is full of challenge and more human. So, when Berm brought me going around Bangkok at night, enjoying the light splashing the buildings, I got a new sensation. Bangkok was not too bad. That night, we had to change bus 5 times. What a busy night for us.

In my eyes, the most interesting attraction in Bangkok is not temples, markets or historical building that scattered along the central city. No way! The people who live there, their activities are more important for me. My friend Berm, has an interesting life too. He tries to create a garden in the apartment’s roof because of the limitation land in Bangkok. Want to hear how he didi it?

In the morning, I follow Berm going to his garden. It is about 2 kilometers from his house, in the roof of 4th apartment in Bangkok. We go up on stairs, until on the top of the roof. Then I see his hydroponic garden, with strawberry plants fulfill the little white baskets.

When we met in Samoeng, Berm told me about his paddy’s field on the top of the roof. It never been harvesting because the birds eaten them. Soon I was interested in his project. He went to Samoeng just to find strawberry seeds, and now I can see his work straightly.

Some strawberry trees are dying. “I make a mistake, give them too much fertilizer,” says Berm to me. His sadness looks like he has already killed his children. Hmmm..

Good for him that he realizes his mistake soon, so he can repair it. He  can save many others strawberry seeds, so he makes strawberry field’s dream come true, not just a song that John Lenon sung in the past.

strawberry seeds

on the net

the green n healthy strawberry tree

the death ones

strawberry man