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The lake of Kamping Pouy is about 30 kilometers of Battambang, between the mountain Phom Kul and Phnom Kam Pinh Pouy, in the Nget village. Even though, the story of the lake is tragic, an other joyful tale is written today. At the beginning, the Khmer rouge built this basin to irrigate the countryside around Battambang. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of prisoners died in the lake. They were threw out in the water, when they died because of malnutrition and diseases. A peaceful and a mysterious mood reigns today on the lotus lake. The sacred flowers have got rid the darkness of, and bought out the light and the immortality of the lake’s depths.

Lake of Kamping Pouy

Besides of its spiritual symbol, the lotus flower has some interesting physical properties, owing to the richness in fibers. These seeds are stored during one millenium. More the flower is cut, more it is grew back…

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