membuat beeswax sendiri dari sarang lebah yang telah diambil madunya

It is much easier than you think! The trick is to find the raw honeycomb that the process begins with. I suggest contacting local beekeepers and asking if they do anything with their old honeycomb.  The honeycomb I used came from a unique place—an entire cross section of an old fallen tree that was filled with an abandoned wild bee hive. When the giant tree fell the bees didn’t survive and I was able to harvest a lot of honeycomb. The shapes, colors, and smells of the honeycomb were so enticing have served as inspiration for some of my recent work visually. In addition to drawing and painting images of the comb I thought it would be a great experience to make my own beeswax from it! The process ended up being very simple.
1. Break all the honeycomb into smaller pieces and add them to a large pot that you…

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